Today has been the sort of day that must have come from hell
I made a call to Telecom and have a tale to tell
It started when I checked my mail by electronic means
To my surprise, before my eyes was spam in the extreme!

A large appendage most proclaimed, would start my life anew
But they forgot to let me know who it was attached to
A Russian bride might be alright to carry out the chores
But personally I’d rather see Dan Carter in his drawers

And so a call to Telecom I had to make in haste
To stop the spam became my plan with no time left to waste
Voice activated answer phones are never that effective
So when I shouted “Oh, fuck off”, it mis-heard my directive

A further wait was not my aim, though this was the result
But I was told to stay on hold while they repaired the fault
Many hours later I eventually got through
To someone smart who said “Take heart, the problem’s not with you”

Imagine my excitement to learn I’m in the clear
Yahoo Bubble caused all the trouble – “Not your fault, my dear!”
It seems that all the issues came when they took off the filter
Blocking spam which caused the jam that put things out of kilter

Yahoo we’ve Xtra spam! But I’m too busy for hysteria
Investing all my money with that nice man in Nigeria