Musical Chairs (Electoral Version)

Our General Election gets closer by the day
And we scrutinize the line up and the silly games they play
All the party leaders are trotting out their wares
It’s like a children’s party and a game of musical chairs

Jeanette is dead against it, the game just isn’t fair
As some unfortunate ‘failure’ is left without a chair
She has a few conditions for the game to be okayed
If the timber is sustainable and chairs New Zealand made

Pita doesn’t like it and won’t participate unless
There’s an extra seat for Maori to ensure him of success
Lockwood’s been excluded as he said without a snigger
That Maori would need two seats as their bums are usually bigger

Helen sees a golden chance to bring along her bucket
With some dirt to put on John’s chair and she liberally will chuck it
She knows she must be careful because when the music stops
She could end up sitting in the chair that’s covered in the slops

Winston likes a party and has pressed his 10 piece suit
But the origin of funding for the chairs is in dispute
Were they a donation from Sir Bob or Owen Glenn?
And will he make it through this round and get to play again?

Rodney’s in a panic and has telephoned the coppers
Because one chair’s been stolen and Winston’s telling whoppers
Trevor’s had a punch up and Bill is in a state
As some Young Labour hopeful has brought along a tape