Ministerial Credit Cards …

A scandal has erupted that has everyone incensed
Over ministerial credit cards, used at our expense
After months of close inspection, the pencil pushing wallahs
Have published a report that cost us fifty thousand dollars
It says that there’s been spending sprees on stuff that is fantastic
That has been accumulated on the ministerial plastic!

The wickedest offender clearly has to be Shane Jones
He’s been at the hotel mini-bars and eating Toblerones
He’s been spending up in menswear stores and chartering a plane
He’s been hosting groups of architects and buying them champagne
And though the pornographic films will cause humiliation
I bet he’s glad that Helen’s not still leader of the nation!

For Parekura, ethnic food appears to be the kicker
While Grosser swans round Europe getting stuck into the liquor
Judith likes a Bollinger with salmon and fresh figs
Chris Carter hires a limousine for ministerial gigs
And so to all the Ministers, here’s what we say about it
The ministerial credit card – don’t leave home and flout it!

Amex Card