Japanese Commercial Whaling

In the southern seas below us, a gory hunt is taking place
In international waters – slightly north of our Scott Base
Against a wave of protest and of global condemnation
A grim pursuit is mounted on a shrinking population

While most enlightened nations have now banned commercial whaling
Attempts to stop the Japanese are obviously failing
The whales are butchered on their decks – stained so red and bloody
Yet they argue that its research for “scientific study”

But this excuse is not the truth – the facts have been disguised
Because whaling in Japan is still extremely subsidised
And ultimately what might be these mammals’ great life-saver
Is that local hunger for their meat is falling out of favour

What pointless shame these charming creatures are annihilated
While in Japan the kill is merely being accumulated
And though they’ve tried to market meat to younger generations
The price they get falls well below their market expectations

And shouldering the burden of this money-losing practice
Are the working people of Japan – those who pay their taxes
But hopefully the call will be for subsidy removal
As the industry collapses midst a trend of disapproval

So probably it’s this that will prevent the mindless slaughter
And not the conservationists that fight them on the water
Removing threats of losing face may be what change entails
So that one day we shall see the Japanese just watching whales

Humpback Whale Splashing


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