It came upon a midnight dreary
My brain is wired but spirit weary
I’ve tossed I’ve turned, I’ve counted sheep
But only had an hour’s sleep
It came around to 1:08
I’m worried now and in a state
Money isn’t that abundant
What if I got made redundant?
Could I survive on DPB?
Perhaps I’ll make a cup of tea
The time ticked on to ten past two
I’m not sure if I need the loo
Maybe if I have a drink
I’ll drown the urge to over-think
I gave some thought at 3:16
To bits of last night’s news I’d seen
The drunken teens, the smacking law
And did I lock the laundry door?
Grocery prices, rising crime
Surely that can’t be the time?
That maniac in North Korea
And just a touch of diarrhoea
The hour was nearing 4 o’clock
I’ve counted half the fucking flock
I’ve had three shots of cherry brandy
Some sleeping pills would come in handy
At 5:05 my mind went still
And peacefully I slept until
A sound cut through my sleepy bliss …
“You’re listening to the News at Six”

(Are you serious??)


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