Who Gets to Play in National’s Sandpit?

Here in New Zealand Election Day looms
Christmas is over, the bullshit resumes
The National Party have told us today
Which kids they’d have in their sandpit to play
The Greens aren’t invited, they’re too left for some
And Dotcom is hardly a National chum
A union with Hone would not be supported
Though Maori could be if they get themselves sorted

Supporters of Dotcom should not get excited
It seems very likely he’ll be extradited
He could even pull the wool over their eyes
But alliance with Dotcom would be a surprise
So unless he can get the support that he seeks
From cynical voters and unhappy geeks
He’s highly unlikely to be a contender
Unless he can muster the requisite members

Talking of who’s an unlikely contender
Brings us to Winston – that serial offender
Of keeping us guessing until we are stumped
It’s anyone’s guess which way he might jump
And though his support from the pensioners rocket
Whenever their gold card is pulled from their pocket
If National offer him baubles of office
It flies in the fact of their previous promise

And talking of parties in National’s sight
The Conservative Party could get the green light
Although Colin Craig seems like a bit of a loon
Suggesting that man didn’t walk on the moon
Smacking his daughter and spraying from planes
Stiffly opposing the marriage of gays
He could see support for him swiftly go south
If he doesn’t stop putting his foot in his mouth

And although the battle has barely begun
They’re rallying troops like Boscowan and Dunne
But ACT needs a leader to win them a seat
Or the rug could be pulled out from under their feet
But whether they quench their political hunger
Canvassing seniors or those who are younger
It’s all about power – not our satisfaction
And another three years of political action


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