The Guilty Game

As many people go through life, they play The Guilty Game
Deciding who is innocent and who should take the blame
There will always be a pitcher and a catcher on the field
But the referee’s identity is always unrevealed

The pitcher throws reminders of the need to toe the line
If the catcher hasn’t met their expectations at this time
When the catch is taken squarely it is hard to leave behind
As the scene gets stuck on replay in the catchers guilty mind

Guilt is like a poison we can take or throw about
We can use it for control or we can wallow in self-doubt
It destroys our self-esteem – leaves us hollow and depressed
Makes us fearful of the future, puts our friendships to the test

No amount of guilt will please the unknown ‘Referee’
Forgiveness is the only thing that truly sets us free
Refuse to take a part in it the moment it begins
And never play The Guilty Game ‘cos no-one ever wins


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