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When I began this blog my intention was to post a few amusing poems and comment on some events that had tickled my fancy.  In the intervening years I developed a mysterious health condition which I initially thought was just a structural problem with my back and all I needed was to be a bit more active and to ‘get a little bit of physio’.  I even had spinal surgery in June 2015 that I was assured would relieve my symptoms.

On 22 September 2016 I learned that my problem was well beyond ‘a little bit of physio’ and that the peculiar symptoms I had begun to experience  when I was living in Australia towards the end of 2012 was in fact Multiple Sclerosis.  I knew very little about this disease prior to my diagnosis and to be honest I still don’t really, although I’m learning fast.  MS has not affected anyone else in my family to my knowledge and because everyone’s experience of MS is different, my journey will be unique.  I’ve let the site lapse a bit but have decided to bring it back to life and document my experiences

There will certainly be dark and difficult days ahead.  This is a new a different world for me.  The challenge is to cope and not just cope but to maintain my sense of humour and remain positive as I learn to live with this complex and challenging condition .